"Keep It In Your Pants"®

With a Recluse Pocket Holster

Benefits of Recluse Pocket Holster Designs

The functional simplicity of Recluse® pocket holsters makes daily carry an easy decision:

  • Eliminate pistol profile.
  • Easy to draw (leaving the holster in place).
  • Protects trigger.
  • Keeps mechanisms free of debris.
  • Comfortable for daily carry.

Each holster is handmade by a select few leatherworkers. Quality workmanship with innovative designs is our goal in meeting your pocket carry needs.

Recluse® holsters are designed for sub-compact semi-automatic firearms and small framed revolvers. The advantages for law enforcement and licensed concealed carry permit holders for daily use is where it is strongest. The holster fits into front and back pockets of jeans, slacks and suits; and is also capable of being used in a jacket or purse. We provide the option to have the holster made in steer hide (leather) or horsehide.

Recluse® One Sided Holster

Recluse Pocket Holster

OS Trigger Block

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The patented design eliminates any printing by completely covering one side of the handgun. With the opposite side being primarily open the firearm is drawn from the pocket with ease and free of any restriction. The handgun in holstered by placing the muzzle into the pouch and then bringing it into the trigger block from the side. With the fully enclosed muzzle pouch it is difficult for lint and other debris to build up in the handgun mechanisms. With these benefits designed into the Recluse™ One Sided holster it is easily adapted for day to day carry with comfort and confidence.

US Patent #8,302,827

Recluse® Two Sided Holster

Recluse TC Pocket Holster

TS Clamshell

The unique clamshell style pocket holster accommodates a larger selection of handguns. The Two Sided holster is wet molded to the handgun as one piece of leather to provide a full muzzle pouch and coverage of the trigger and slide. With the leather only sewn at the bottom portion of the slide the two sides easily separate when the handgun is drawn. The TS does not use the OS patented trigger block allowing the design to accommodate more handgun models.


Thank you for considering Recluse holster to meet your pocket carry needs. If you would like to suggest a handgun model not currently available please email: info@recluseholster.com

Tod L. Cole

Customers Testimonials

Tod, I cannot tell you how please I am after receiving my 2nd Recluse pocket holster. Like many gun owners, I have a drawer full of cast away's which I accrued in my attempts to find the perfect pocket holster. Both the TS-Solo and the TS-Front pocket holsters are truly the finest quality I've seen. They fit and protect my Glock 43 perfectly. They are both easy to draw from and both eliminate the possibility of the gun printing in my pocket. The very high quality material and workmanship gives me comfort in knowing that I'll have these for a lifetime and can finally quit looking for the perfect holster! I've found it!

Thank you very much Tod! I'll be ordering another for my Kimber Solo soon.

Mike J.

With over 24 years in law enforcement I seldom carried off duty until I purchased a S&W Body Guard and a Recluse Holster for it. I have had the Recluse for about a year now and carry it daily. Now everytime I leave the house I slip the Recluse into my pocket. Its a great holster and I finally have a discreet way to carry off-duty.

Erie, PA

I received my Recluse holster for my Ruger LCR revolver. the holster holds the gun perfectly, and it shows absolutely no print in my front pocket. when I withdraw the LCR, the holster stays in the pocket without any movement. Thanks for such a great product.
P.S. I also have a recluse holster for a Smith & Wesson J-frame, and it works just as well.

Dr. H. S.

I just wanted you to know that I have been using my Recluse holster since it arrived earlier this week...what a dream...easy to access and NO print... I've shown it to several of my friends and I expect you will be seeing orders,,,soon. The hip pocket Reclusefor the Kahr P380 is great with shorts and a T-shirt tucked in or on the outside...makes no difference. Like wise the S&W 442 in a Recluse in the side pocket is undectectable and very easy to access...great product ... I await your development of a Recluse for the Ruger LCR...please advise when available.

Again, Thanks for a great product!


Maj L. C. F. (USA Ret)

I carry my Kel-Tec P3AT in your leather front pocket holster daily. It is an innovative and excellent product for secure, concealed carry. As a retired Connecticut State Trooper (33 years) I only wish that your product and my Kel-Tec had been available during my years of service. Thank you.

M. A. Hesnan

I have now carried my Recluse right front pocket holster, holding my LCP-Ruger for one year. The tan leather looks to have been hand rubed for a life time, the Recluse has formed to my pistol, and has formed to my body. I carry every single day.
In my mind it is the SAFEST Holster ever designed. I can not tell you how proud I am to have such a fine product.
I can sum this up really simple: Every morning most men put a belt on their pants-Question-do you ever think about that belt again durning the day? Thats the Recluse, you put it in your pocket, and you dont think about it again! It is a part of your body, you forget that it is there! But it is there, unseen, safe, and can come out in a heart beat. I pray I never have to take it out, but the sense of security puts my mind at ease.
Again, I thank you for a product that has become very personal to me, It is (The Best-Hands Down).

Jeff Quinn